Brief overview of the evolution of religions

Brief overview of the evolution of religions

Writter: Evangelos D. Kepenes (May 16, 2022, 21:58)



Rabbinic Judaism

Today's Judaism is rabbinical Judaism, an expression of ancient Pharisaic Judaism that remained faithful to the traditions of the occult Jewish literature. It has a “first-degree” spiritual affinity with Islam.



Islam has a background in Judaism. “Bedouin Muhammad had a Jewish mother and some of his wives were Jewish. His surroundings consisted of Jewish magicians, astrologers and occultists, led by his wife's Jewish cousin, the monk Waraqa bin Naufal, who knew the OT and Jewish traditions.” (From the book “Ecumenism Without A Mask” by Archimandrite Charalambos D. Vassilopoulos)


The purpose of Islam was to renew and redefine the principles of Judaism and Christianity and to modernize it with the Arab thought, which also had a Hellenistic influence.



Patristic Christianity

Among the two mystical Abrahamic religions is the current imposed “patristic Christianity,” which, together with its branches (various Protestant and Zionist doctrines), is a spiritual relative of “second degree” with the above.


The politicized “patristic Christianity” clothed the fulfillment of biblical Judaism, which is Christ Jesus, the Seed of the Promise, with the Greek thought and baptized the holy trinity of Pythagoras “Christian trinity” and the myths of the incarnation “Incarnate Word,” misrepresenting the “the Word became flesh,” thus recommending the model of “the man-god of mythology.” It also adopted the priesthood, the doctrine of the “Immortal mortal,” the final confrontation between “the good and the evil,” the end of the history of the world through ekpyrosis (fire), the final placement of the “immortals” in places (!!!) of bliss or eternal torments, and other ridiculous things that are not biblical and are found in the principles of ancient religions.


The gap between the truth of God and Religion has always been the most intense and unresolved problem of religious leaders. The failure of the transmission of the good will of God for man to societies and cultures through religions is reflected in the decline of morals and values ​​and the impasses experienced by humanity. All reforms and counter-reforms and the constant establishment of new religious shades fail to enlighten or give life to the mortal man. This is the exclusive work of the Risen and Living Jesus Christ.


Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)


Religion comes back with a new attire

All three Abrahamic religions, rabbinical Judaism, Islam, and patristic Christianity, have mysticism as their common denominator (“Kabbalah” in rabbinical Judaism, “Sufism” in Islam, “Hesychasm” in the Orthodox Christianity) and many other related beliefs, as well as diverse political relations. Continuing their utopian course through time, and being aware that the religious stimulus of the unknown and fear is the greatest weapon for the manipulation of peoples, and driven by political necessity, they want to unite in a pan-religion with a “God model” that will satisfy their common beliefs, aiming at a new, manipulative, “redemptive religiosity.”


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